Is Albania cheaper than Montenegro?

I was comparing holiday prices in Albania, and I started wondering if travel in Albania is cheaper than travel in Montenegro? So, I decided to research it and write a helpful post to compare the prices in Albania and Montenegro for tourists.

Is Albania cheaper than Montenegro? Travel in Albania is cheaper than travel in Montenegro. Former tourists spend €59.00 per person per day in Montenegro. However, former tourists of Albania spend only €42.00 per person per day. Accommodation, meals, water, transportation, entertainment and alcohol are cheaper in Albania than in Montenegro.

But no two travellers are the same, of course, the money you spend on a holiday depends on how you choose to travel. Let’s dive in a little deeper, so that you can choose whether you prefer to go to Albania or Montenegro.

Price comparison for Travel in Albania and Montenegro

Real travellers where asked how much money they spend on their trip to Albania or Montenegro. On average, former travellers to Montenegro spend €59.00 per person per day, which is €17.00 per day more than travellers spend in Albania. Therefore, if you spend a week in Albania, you will save €118.00 compared to a week in Montenegro.

Average daily cost €59.00 per person€42.00 per person
Hotel or hostel €24.00 per person€16.00 per person
Meals for one day€21.00 per person€13.00 per person
Bottled water for one day€ 5.22 per person€ 1.24 per person
Travel between cities€31.00 per person€ 7.28 per person
Entertainment€ 6.66 per person€ 3.87 per person
Alcoholic drinks for one day€ 8.52 per person€ 5.46 per person


Real travellers also revealed how much money they spend on a hotel or hostel, which is only €16.00 per day in Albania, compared to €24.00 in Montenegro. Therefore, you will be able to afford more luxurious accommodation in Albania with the same amount of money.

In Albania, the prices for food, bottled water and alcohol are much lower than in Montenegro. On average, food and drinks will cost you roughly half the money in Albania compared to Montenegro.

And most importantly, you can save a significant amount of money if you plan on travelling from one city to another. In Montenegro, travelling between cities costs on average €31.00. A similar transfer between cities in Albania will only cost you €7.28 per person.

And finally, as a tourist you will likely buy tickets for shows, museums and entertainment. These tickets will cost you on average €6.66 in Montenegro. But only €3.87 per person per day in Albania. Once again, you will be able to visit more attractions in Albania with the same amount of money.

Hotel prices in Albania and Montenegro

Hotels are cheaper in Albania than in Montenegro. However, the amount of money spend that you spend per night depends on the type of accommodation you book.

On the lower end, a hostel in Montenegro will cost you between €10 – €19 per night. Whereas a hostel in Albania will likely cost you between €9 – €10 per night.

Then for a mid-range 2-star or 3-star hotel, you will pay between €20 – €60 in Montenegro. Whereas a similar 2-star or 3-star hotel is usually between €15 – €30 per night in Albania.

For high-end 4-star or 5-star hotels, the prices in Montenegro are much higher than in Albania. A 4-star hotel in Montenegro will cost you between €70 – €140 per night. In Albania on the other hand, you can expect to pay €30 – €70 for a 4-star hotel. And finally, a 5-star hotel in Montenegro will cost you around €200 a night, which will only cost you around €100 in Albania.

Car rental prices in Albania and Montenegro

The prices for car rental are lower in Albania than in Montenegro. Like in any European country, you can expect the familiar car rental companies like Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Enterprise. Although local car rental companies may be able to offer you a cheaper deal, I calculated these prices assuming you will rent from one of the international car rental brands.

For an economy car, which accommodates 2-4 adults, you can expect to pay around €17.00 per day in Montenegro. The price for the similar economy car in Albania is lower at only €13.00 per day.

However, you can always spend more money on a car rental, depending on how luxurious or large the car is. A premium car will cost you between €20.00 – €45.00 in Montenegro. In Albania, the pricing for a premium car is between €18.00 – €35.00.

Before renting a car, it is important to decide if you will need a four-wheel drive. In Albania and Montenegro, there are mountain areas where you will need a 4 x 4 car for safety reasons. The price for a four-wheel drive in Montenegro is €28.00 and in Albania you can expect to pay roughly €22.00 a day.

Tour pricing in Albania and Montenegro

I have also compared the prices for sightseeing tours in Albania and Montenegro. As you were expecting a touristic tour in Albania is cheaper than in Montenegro.

For this price comparison, I have looked at the prices for historical and cultural tours. The type of tour that will take you around the country to visit the touristic attractions and highlights. Most of the sightseeing tours take you to the important touristic places in 7 days.

In Montenegro, a 1-week sightseeing tour will cost you between €960 – €1450. Therefore, the price per day is between €139 – €192 per person per day. However, if you buy the tour package it will include: your accommodation, a tour guide, your meals and all the transportation for a week.

In Albania, a 1-week sightseeing tour will cost you between €568 – €1262. Which means the price per day is between €71 – €140 per person per day. These prices do include the accommodation, a tour guide, meals and transportation for one week.

As you can see the price difference between a tour in Albania and in Montenegro is very large. Basically, if you book one of the cheaper tours in Albania instead of Montenegro, you will spend €392 less.

Does the season influence the price difference between Albania and Montenegro?

The tourism seasons are the same in Albania and in Montenegro. Both countries have a classic European high season in July and August. In these months, you can expect to be charged the full price, because it is a popular period.

When it comes to comparing the price differences for tourists in Albania and in Montenegro, you do not have to take seasonality into consideration, because the seasons are the same. The high season is in July and August for both countries. Moreover, both countries have a nice pre-season in April, May and June. And there is a lovely, after-summer season in September and October in both countries.

If you are price conscious and prefer to avoid the crowd, then in either country it is recommended to visit just before the summer or after the summer. If you have a chance to visit in April, May, June, September or October, you can save money. Moreover, in these months the sea temperature is still warm enough to be able to swim.

Related questions

Do you tip in Albania? Giving the service staff a tip in Albania is not mandatory. Albanians are very interested in interacting with foreign tourists and may simply want to help you out of kindness. However, if you choose to leave a tip of 200 LEK is enough.

Is Albania dangerous for tourists? Albania is safe for tourists, like any other European country. Pickpocketing and violence are uncommon in Albania. On your trip to Albania simply keep your valuable belongings with you in a handbag, like you would in any other European country. 

What is Albania like for a holiday? Albania is an off-the-beaten-path destination for most travellers, but it has a beautiful coastline and stunning mountains. Since Albania is not so touristic yet, you will have a lot of fun finding little restaurants and be greeted by the locals. You will be surprised at how quiet some of the most beautiful spots are.

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